How many hours does the service last?

– Generally the service window is 3 hours, 1 hour is used for preparation and 2 hours for serving (This applies to packages of 35 people and up). For smaller events of 30 people or less we require an hour for preparation and 1 hour for serving purposes.

How many Tacos per person?

-Everyone knows our tacos are amazing, so we provide 4-6 Tacos per person. we also have an Unlimited Option for Taco lovers.

What happens with the Leftovers?

-All leftovers are left at the location for our clients to enjoy later or to take home. We will leave them either in containers or Ziploc bags.

How can I reserve today?

-All you have to do is send us an email at tacosocampocatering@gmail.com, we will respond and help you make your reservation for your next event, family gathering or work event.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

– Yes there is a deposit requirement, It is 15% of the cost of the package you choose.

How will I recognize the Taco Man?

-All of our Chefs are easy to spot. They are professionals wearing their cooking gloves as well as a traditional Chef Uniform.

Do you provide Plates, napkins, and forks?

-Yes we provide all of the above.

Is everything really Fresh and Homemade style?

-Indeed, from our delicious homemade sauces to our chips, tacos and meats, all 100% fresh and cooked on the spot.

Do you have insurance?

-We have insurance in case of any accident at an event.

Do you charge Tax?

-We do charge tax as the state of California requires it.

Are there any additional fees if i use a credit card?

-There is a fee of 4% if you decide to make your payment using a credit card, this charge is automatically charged by the bank.

Do all chefs speak English?

-All Chefs speak English if you want spanish speaking chef just request him and we will make sure you get one at your event.

What happens if I want the Taco Man to stay for longer at my event?

-We will Charge $75/Hr for extended hours.

What if I need an additional Taco Cart?

-We recommend this for events with 150 or more guests, with an additional cost of $150.

Do you have any cleaning service?

-We have a cleaning service for an additional $80.

What happens if I cancel my event? Will I be charged?

-It all depends on when you cancel your event. If you cancel a week in advance you will only be charged the deposit, If you cancel 3 to 1 days prior to the event. There will be a charge of 50% of the events cost. If you cancel the same day of the event, you may be charged for the whole cost of the event.

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